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Vanishing Ring

Trick by SansMinds
From $139.95 Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
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Vanishing Ring

139.95 usd

Trick by SansMinds (From $139.95)

Possibly discontinued.
Email me if it becomes available again.
Vanishing Ring - magic
Vanishing Ring Vanishing Ring Vanishing Ring Vanishing Ring Vanishing Ring Vanishing Ring

We're thrilled to be able to offer you this breakthrough product that has the magic community buzzing, Vanishing Ring, from the ever creative SansMinds.

So what exactly IS Vanishing Ring? Quite simply, it's one of the most elegant, visual and effective ways to vanish a spectator's ring. If you perform Ring Flight or Nest of Boxes routines, you will inevitably know that the initial vanish is the part of the routine where the most heat is on you. With this ingenious device, that moment is transformed from something you would normally rush through to an amazingly clean and magical moment in itself.

The ring box can be examined and your spectator can place their ring quite openly and cleanly into the box and close the lid. As soon as the box is opened, the ring is gone and you've not gone near it at all! This is what it would look like if you could really vanish the ring. Then, as you take the box back you have access to the ring for use in any chosen method of reapperance. No more Devil's Hanks or unmotivated moves to the pocket.

The build quality of this is exemplary it does all the work for you while keeping the ring completely safe. As a professional prop, top names in magic have already given Vanishing Ring their stamp of approval and we know these will be highly sought after due to its limited release.

We really can't praise this enough so get yours today to avoid disappointment. Available in red, blue and black.

  • Carefully crafted professional prop
  • Safe and reliable
  • Self-working versatile tool
  • Limited release

Frequently Asked Questions...

1) What exactly is the Vanishing Ring?
The Vanishing Ring is a self-working versatile tool that allows you to cater the magic to your own routine. It's an elegant, yet powerful device that allows you to vanish the ring and make it reappear any way you wish.

2) How easy is the operation?
It takes zero effort to operate the ring box. The Vanishing Ring allows your spectator to do all the work for you so you can focus on your presentation. Before you even get anywhere close to the spectator, the ring has already vanished.

3) What about the reappearance of the ring? What if I don't have a routine?
The online instruction has included multiple routines to get you started right away, such as ring to impossible sealed envelope, ring to tomato or kiwi.

4) What color does it come in?
The Vanishing Ring Box comes in 3 different colors; Crimson Red (limited edition and limited quantity, global release limits to 100 worldwide), Royal Blue and Onyx Black .

5) What exactly does The Vanishing Ring come with?

  • One specially engineered ring box
  • One customized training ring
  • An online access code to detail instructions on how to use the Vanishing Ring, tips & troubleshooting, and routines

I'm trying to hold back my excitement a little here but this thing looks like TV magic and you do none of the work to make it vanish. Let's just say this is now in my live show.Alan Rorrison
Will Tsai has produced the cleanest and most impossible ring vanish of ALL TIME! Even Q from James Bond couldn't have devised a better way to vanish a finger ring.Paul Romahny

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    Tim asks: will the Vanishing ring be back in stock and can i purchase this soon? I have one already but i am seriously interested in purchasing a few more, i need another one very soon if possible, thank you so much..

    • 1. Tony answers: Please email to magic@vanishingincmagic.com for this kind of question next time. Vanishing Ring - I don't think it will restock again
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Customer reviews for Vanishing Ring


First of all, I was STUNNED as to how quickly I received this product.

Second, the concept and construction of the box is BRILLIANT. You can start using it right away, but personally, I'm going to wait until I can come up with a finish as breathtaking as the vanish.



The concept and construction here are excellent. I used this to vanish both rings (at the same time) as part of a wedding ceremony. (The rings were then discovered inside a walnut inside an orange! Go figure.) The box also works to vanish signed coins (of a certain size).

But don't expect this prop to do all the work for you. You still have to palm the ring(s). And it requires practice to use the prop smoothly and more or less (but never entirely) noiselessly.