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Color Change Silk Polka Dot Trick
Color Change Silk Polka Dot
Trick - $15.00

A classic effect that is almost self working! Knot together red and white handkerchiefs, but with a wave of your hand, the two colors blend to show two polka dot hankies! It's even reversible!  Written instructions included.

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Card Impression Hanky 22
Card Impression Hanky 22" x 22"
Trick by The Essel Magic - $7.95

This is a card silk. If you follow the work of Tamariz and other greats, you know there is so very much you can do with a card stilk. A beautiful blue and white hanky with a card printed on a corner. This hanky is to be used for an effect in which your spectator's selected card has been predicted...

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Change Bag Mini (Without Handle) Trick
Change Bag Mini (Without Handle)
Trick by Uday - $15.00

This is the miniature version of the standard change bag.  It is a very compact and occupies less space than the standard change bag. As the name implies, it is used to change something to nothing (vanish), nothing to something (Production) or something to something (exchange). This Change...

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