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Blendo Plus Trick
Blendo Plus
Trick by The Essel Magic - $24.95

Blendo is a classic of magic, and this is a fine version: high quality, and well-made. In effect, three silks are shown: one green, one red and one yellow. They are dropped into a bag and once removed, they are found to be tied to one another with knots. With a wave of your hand, make the knots...

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Phoenix Color Collection Set Deck of cards
Phoenix Color Collection Set
Deck of cards by Card-Shark - $25.00

Finally you can get our favorite deck; the Phoenix Deck in new, vibrant colors. Produced in US Playing Card Casino Quality, these have great contrasting back colors with the regular Phoenix face. Like all decks of the Phoenix brand, it does have a one-way design on the backs and faces. These...

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D'Lite Purple Trick
D'Lite Purple
Trick by Rocco - From $12.95

Rocco's best selling light from anywhere is now available in a stunning bright purple light, ideal for magic around fairies, fairy God mothers and magical wizards. Amaze your audience with the original and the best. Created in 1987 by Roger Mayfarth, D'Lite was designed for stage and close-up...

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