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3 Fly III
DVD by Darryl Vanamburg - $19.95

EffectAfter fifteen years of development, Daryl's excellent handling of this beautiful, classic coin effect is finally available on an instructional DVD! Three silver dollars, held in a fan at the extreme tips of the fingers, magically fly through the air, invisibly, from hand to hand, in the most...

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Super Expanded Shell - Half Dollar - Head Gimmicked coin
Super Expanded Shell - Half Dollar - Head
Gimmicked coin by Tango Magic - $40.00

An expanded shell for an expanded shell! This half dollar super expanded shell is stretched specifically so that you can nest it over another expanded shell half dollar.

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Chinatown Half Gimmicked coin
Chinatown Half
Gimmicked coin by Tango - $27.00

The magician shows 2 coins, a Chinese (with a hole in the center) and a half dollar. He puts both coins inside of a white envelope. Then he take the Chinese coin and put it on the closed envelope. With a magic pass, the Chinese coin will be inside of the envelope and the half dollar outside.

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