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Complete Peek Wallet Accessory
Complete Peek Wallet
Accessory by Tony Miller - $50.00

A magician's wallet should do three things COMPLETELY and PERFECTLY: Allow you to get a peek of something a spectator has written. Allow you to reveal a palmed object inside a sealed compartment. Function as a great daily wallet. Some wallets do one or even two of these things, but...

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The Complete Magician Kit Trick
The Complete Magician Kit
Trick by Joshua Jay - $39.95

Give the gift of magic. The gift of performing a trick that leads to oohs and ahhs. Of learning a new sleight of hand and dazzling your dinner guests. Of adding fun to parties, delighting coworkers, completely bowling over your friends. Combining a book, instructional DVD, five great props, and a...

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Completing the Cut DVD
Completing the Cut
DVD by Ryan Schlutz - $29.95

Hot off the heels of his hit hardcover Making the Cut, Ryan Schlutz Completes the Cut with this DVD. Completing the Cut is full of deeply mysterious card effects. This is the kind of card material that doesn't just amaze you now, but also perplexes you hours—even days—after viewing....

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