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Cork Stopper Trick
Cork Stopper
Trick - $28.00

EffectThe magician wraps a cork with a bill, and fixes it using a rubber band. The bill is rolled up like a tube, and the space inside is divided by the cork into the upper space and the lower space. The magician puts four coins into the upper space of the tube. The coins, one by one, are dropped...

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Unicorn Cork Trick
Unicorn Cork
Trick by Nicholas Einhorn - $19.95

Nick Einhorn has created that most mythical of beasts: a prop that is eminently usable, cost effective, and looks completely ordinary. Welcome to Unicorn Cork! Constructed from real cork and lined with non-stick material, this cork is designed to easily hold double-folding coins of a range of...

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Refill for Show Stopper Card Trick
Refill for Show Stopper Card
Trick by Stegmaier - $7.95

Refill for Lubor Fielder's Show Stopper Card Trick.

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