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Kings Crossing DVD
Kings Crossing
DVD by Jason Palter and Nicolas Gignac - $60.00

Kings Crossing is "Cards Across" on steroids: Jumbo cards. No sleight-of-hand. No palming. No false counts. Absolutely clean!!! The routine possibilities for "Kings Crossing" are limitless. This is a no-nonsense and literally self-working version of the classic effect, and allows you to concentrate...

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Small Foam Bone Trick
Small Foam Bone
Trick by Magic by Gosh - $7.50

EffectTalk about having a funny bone! These foam bones are available in two sizes: Large (16.5 inches long) and Small (10.5 inches long). A great way for any comic or magician to add a little silliness to their act.

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Superior Skull & Bones V2  Playing Cards (Black/Gold) Deck of cards
Superior Skull & Bones V2 Playing Cards (Black/Gold)
Deck of cards by Expert Playing Card Company - $9.95

A brand-new version of Skull & Bones is here! Working from the incredible design by Jackson Robinson of Kings Wild Project, Expert Playing Card Company has created a stunning workers edition of the now classic Skull & Bones. Our beautiful Superior Skull &...

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