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Secret Stamper Part (Refill) for Double Cross Trick
Secret Stamper Part (Refill) for Double Cross
Trick by Magic Smith - $25.00

In case you lose or break your secret stamper gimmick, this will make your Double Cross as good as new. This is the secret stamper only - you must already own the Double Cross pen in order to use this part.

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Double Cross Trick
Double Cross
Trick by Mark Southworth - $60.00

Taking something that is immovable and making move impossibly is a strong effect. Making it move onto your participants hand is even stronger. This is exactly what Double Cross will allow you to do. The effect is so impactful that Dan White chose to do it on The Tonight Show with Jimmy...

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Thinking The Impossible Book
Thinking The Impossible
Book by Ramon Rioboo - $40.00

If you fear being fooled, avoid meeting Ramón Riobóo! Ramón Riobóo holds a doctorate in deception. He is the 1992 recipient of the Ascanio Award and winner of the 1993 First Prize in Card Magic from the XIX National Magic Congress in Barcelona. He will yank the mental carpet from under you without...

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