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Cup Cards DVD
Cup Cards
DVD by Will Gray - $30.00

Here at Vanishing Inc we love bringing you super strong, fun magic which truly packs small and plays big.  Will Gray's Cup Cards is the definition of just that.  The unbelievable magic of the cups and balls packed in the space of a small packet of cards. Will Gray has worked this packet...

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Chop Cup (Copper) Accessory
Chop Cup (Copper)
Accessory by Premium Magic - $25.00

Made famous by the late great Paul Daniels, the Chop Cup is a wonder to watch due to its elegance and simplicity. Here at Vanishing Inc we're pleased to be able to offer you this high quality copper version, perfect for both the beginner and expert Chop Cup enthusiast. The cousin of...

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Cups & Balls (Copper) Accessory
Cups & Balls (Copper)
Accessory by Premium Magic - $45.00

The Cups and Balls is a classic in magic, and one that most, if not all, magicians have at some stage had a go at. Here at Vanishing Inc we love the classics, which is why we're very pleased to be able to offer you the required tools for this classic staple of the magician's repertoire. ...

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