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Deceptions That Dare to Dazzle & Delight Book
Deceptions That Dare to Dazzle & Delight
Book by Shawn Evans - $21.95

* Definition of Dare1: An act or instance of daring.2: Imaginative or Vivacious boldness.As you read this book, "May your deceptions dare to dazzle and delight". May you find the imagination and boldness to take the mechanics of the tricks herein and fine the dynamics to make them dazzle and...

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Dazzle D'Lite Red Accessory
Dazzle D'Lite Red
Accessory by Rocco - From $12.95

Rocco's best selling light from anywhere is now available in this latest creation, the Dazzle! Amaze your audience with the original and the best. Created in 1987 by Roger Mayfarth, D'Lite was designed for stage and close-up use by the world renowned-magician, Rocco. Today, thousands of...

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Dazzle Trick
Trick by Alex Elmsley - $25.00

Alex Elmsley's Dazzle is probably the greatest packet trick of all time. Five red-backed jokers are shown. One of them is set aside, and replaced with a blue-backed joker. The other red-backed jokers magically change color to match the blue stranger. One of the blue-backed jokers is...

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