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Session Deluxe Edition Book
Session Deluxe Edition
Book by Joshua Jay - $100.00

DELUXE EDITION (only while our small supply lasts…once gone there will be no more): This is a beautiful deluxe, slipcase edition of Session, on high-gloss paper with gold foil stamping on the front. Comes with slipcase and the entire Five-Forty-Seven BOUND INTO Session. So...

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Blomberg Laboratories - Deluxe Edition Book
Blomberg Laboratories - Deluxe Edition
Book by Andi Gladwin - $185.00

The 150 Deluxe Editions sold out within 24 hours of launching. Get the regular edition of Blomberg Laboratories before that sells out too! We have produced 150 Deluxe Editions of Blomberg Laboratories. This beautiful leather-bound book come with: A unique, custom produced slipcase...

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Long Long Rope - Deluxe  Accessory
Long Long Rope - Deluxe
Accessory by Uday Jadugar - $14.00

Magician shows a rope looped over his fingers. The two ends of the deluxe rope has white ends (regular rope has no separate color) to make them more noticeable. After showing the long rope, passing if from one hand to the other loop by loop, the magician ties the two ends together and pulls of...

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