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Doggie Style - trick Trick
Doggie Style - trick
Trick by Watch Steal Video - $24.95

EFFECT: The spectator is asked to name a breed of dog. It might be the name of a dog they particularly like or dislike, a neighbor's dog, whatever. A deck of "doggy" cards is then removed. Each card in the deck has a different breed of dog on the face. The magician spreads the deck between...

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Doves 101 Andy Amyx DVD
Doves 101 Andy Amyx
DVD by Andy Amyx - $45.00

"A superior video for the beginner or seasoned professional." - Lance Burton Learn the art of dove stealing from one of the world's finest dove artists. Andy Amyx takes you through all the important techniques including: - Dove Care and Training- Sleve Tossing Techniques - Invisible Harness...

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Sweetly Done DVD
Sweetly Done
DVD by Shane Black - $12.95

Sweetly Done is the coin to sugar packet effect on steroids, adding a visual element that looks like trick photography. Shane Black's new handling of this classic effect not only adds a visual element but it also adds a convincer that makes it clear that it's THEIR SIGNED coin inside the sugar...

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