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Dragon Fan Trick
Dragon Fan
Trick by Alan Wong - $15.00

The Dragon Fan is the perfect fan for performing Snowstorms and Butterfly Blizzards. The fan is made out of high-grade, bright red lacquered bamboo; The classic martial art motif of double dragon printed icons are on the screen. The fan spans a wide 24" x 12" high when fully opened for generating...

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Dragon Fanning Deck Accessory
Dragon Fanning Deck
Accessory - $16.00

FUN Inc. is proud to offer this unique fanning deck to the magical fraternity. Imported from Japan, where it is manufactured for the DP Group, this set of cards was specially designed with the magician in mind. The deck itself is a full inch and a half longer than a standard poker size deck, and...

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Candle to Fan Trick
Candle to Fan
Trick by Michael Lair - $25.00

EffectCandle to Fan is the latest creation from Michael P. Lair. Light a 15" red, tapered candle. When the flame goes out, a beautiful, red cloth dragon fan is there in its place. Candle to Fan is so well made and easy to use. It is all self-contained. After the lit candle transforms into the red...

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