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Synchro Boxes Trick
Synchro Boxes
Trick by - $30.00

Tenyo has received special permission from creator Bob Ostin to release his close-up magic masterpiece with a newly-designed gimmick that we developed. The more times you repeat this trick, the more baffling it becomes. Our new gimmick is cleverly hidden inside the construction of the boxes, so...

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Jewel Box Prediction Trick
Jewel Box Prediction
Trick by Mr. Magic - $25.00

A wooden box is introduced and then opened. Inside the box are six compartments. In each compartment, there are six Jewels of six different colors fixed on six wooden blocks. The performer requests any member of the audience to select a jewel of any color from among those six Jewels. Suppose...

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Haunted Box (Standard Edition) Trick
Haunted Box (Standard Edition)
Trick by Joao Miranda - $250.00

Have you ever performed an effect that literally made everyone at the table jump in surprise? Would you like to? João Miranda helps answer both questions with his diabolical Haunted Box, a very clever illusion guaranteed to amaze your audience.  Imagine this scene:...

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