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Vanishing Torch Trick
Vanishing Torch
Trick by Bazar De Magia - $15.00

The performer enters the stage with a lit torch in his hands. In the blink of an eye, the flaming torch completely vanishes! Comes with durable brass torch and instructions. Not For Sale or Demonstration to Minors.

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Chop Cup Wooden (Custom) Accessory
Chop Cup Wooden (Custom)
Accessory - $65.00

Made famous by the late great Paul Daniels, the Chop Cup is a wonder to watch due to its elegance and simplicity. We're pleased to be able to offer you this wooden, quality turned cup, with a beautiful lacquered finish. The cousin of the standard Cups and Balls, Chop Cup routines are...

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Liberty Playing Cards Deck of cards
Liberty Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Gamblers Warehouse - $4.95

LIBERTY BACK Playing Cards is an exclusive by Gamblers Warehouse. The deck is printed by Liberty Playing Cards Company, a leader in the Specialty Advertising industry for over 40 years. Liberty Back Playing Cards will become your new deck of cards for all occasions. The deck lends itself well to...

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