Coin Through Bottle

Causing a solid object to penetrate another solid object is a surefire way to leave every person stunned. It's a classic idea in magic that has fascinated audiences for centuries. You can learn the secret right now and it’s easier than you’d think. This is a magic trick your friends and family will be talking about for years!

Delivery: Instant-access video
Skill: Easy
Need: Plastic water bottle and coin

Coin Through Bottle
Coin Through Bottle
Coin Through Bottle

Coin Through Bottle

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A solid impossibly penetrates right through another solid right in front of their eyes. This leaves everyone stunned!

From David Copperfield walking through The Great Wall of China to David Blaine making a playing card appear on the other side of a store window, the classic magic concept of "solid through solid" has fascinated audiences for centuries Now you can learn the secret—and it's so much easier than you'd think!

Get in on the fun with Coin Through Bottle today. It takes just a few minutes to learn the secret to one of the most famous magic tricks performed by professional magicians around the world.

In this easy-to-do close-up magic miracle, you show a water bottle. It is full of water, so there can’t be any holes in it. Next, you borrow a coin from a friend and, in the blink of an eye, the coin melts right inside the bottle. A mind-boggling moment!

But, here’s the part where they’ll really lose their mind...

You start pouring the water out and, as you do, it becomes clear that there isn’t even a way to get the coin through the mouth of the bottle. The opening is too small. Cue exploding brains!

This is a true miracle that ends with an impossible souvenir you can leave with whoever you perform for. This guarantees they'll never forget you, or this moment, for the rest of their life. And all you need to do is spend a few minutes watching this video.

Coin Through Bottle is the type of close-up magic trick everyone learning easy magic tricks needs to know. It’s simple to do, but makes a huge impact. This is a magic trick your friends and family will be talking about for years!

Grab this easy-to-follow video and get started today!

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