Deepest Sympathy

Prove how “in sync” you are with a friend with this easy, incredible card trick. Is it fate? Is it destiny? Or, is it a really amazing magic trick that you can learn how to do in just a few minutes? It’s the latter, and you can get started right now.

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Deepest Sympathy
Deepest Sympathy
Deepest Sympathy

Deepest Sympathy

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Like having a bluetooth connection to their brain, you can impossibly predict every decision someone is about to make. Just a few minutes is all you need to start looking like a professional mind reader today!

"Deepest Sympathy" will convince every person you meet that you can see into the future. Is it fate? Is it destiny?'s neither.

It is actually an amazing magic trick that's super easy to do. You can learn it today in just a few minutes.

"Deepest Sympathy" was created by a legendary magician named Jim Steinmeyer that has helped David Copperfield create his most famous magic tricks. It's totally self-working. That means, it's like cooking a recipe. Just follow the instructions and you'll look like a professional magician immediately. No hard work required!

Here's What Happens

You each have a small packet filled with cards that mirror each other. For example, if one of their cards is an Ace of Spades, you have an Ace of Hearts. If they have the Two of Spades, you have the Two of Hearts, and so on.

You shuffle your packet and they fairly mix theirs. You even give them a chance to stop mixing early if they want. Whether they choose to stop or continue completely changes the final order of the cards.

Despite this very fair process, at the end, all of the cards in both packets have impossibly ended up in the exact same order. Even after all the shuffling, they perfectly match. And there is no sleight of hand required!

This idea of shuffled cards matching is used by professional magicians all around the world. Our very own cofounder Joshua Jay performed a similar effect every night during the totally sold-out run of his off-Broadway show Six Impossible Things.

Everything about "Deepest Sympathy" is perfectly constructed to make you look like a rockstar without any difficult practice required. Just perform it how it's taught in the easy-to-watch download and your friends will be convinced you can perform real magic.

Perform "Deepest Sympathy" anywhere you go. All you need is an ordinary deck of playing cards. You can even borrow one during your card game night.

Blow minds at the next poker night, cookout or company meeting. Get Deepest Sympathy today!

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Customer reviews for Deepest Sympathy


Fr. Jerome

A great presentation here by Roberto Ramirez of Deepest Sympathy. This is an excellent packet trick. It also has the benefit of allowing the spectator to do the shuffling. So you are matching some good audience participation with a surprising finish. And you can't beat the price at just under five dollars. The ad copy is honest when it says this is easy to learn and easy to perform.
The tutorial was clear and concise. The video quality was also good.
How about some additional presentation ideas? This effect can also be done with message or picture cards. Use animals and you have a perfect lead in to Noah's Ark. This would then be a wonderful kids trick, where the animals all match up two by two.
The message cards would be an adult presentation for an couple, especially a married couple. Write out two sets of matching cards with things like: kids, family, money, jobs, vacation, communication, faith. Then you show how a couple, after all the twists and turns of life, can still match up on important values.
If you enjoy this trick, then I recommend going to the source for more. You find other effects of this type in Devilish Impuzzibilities by Jim Steinmeyer.


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