The Comedy Cosmonaut (Special Offer)

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Magic download (ebook) by Graham Hey ($10.00)

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The Comedy Cosmonaut (Special Offer) - magic
The Comedy Cosmonaut (Special Offer) The Comedy Cosmonaut (Special Offer) The Comedy Cosmonaut (Special Offer) The Comedy Cosmonaut (Special Offer) The Comedy Cosmonaut (Special Offer)

Graham Hey is a comedy writer from England and this is your chance to get four ebooks for the price of one.

The Comedy Cosmonaut - Graham's newest ebook is full of great visual gags and comedy. It also includes a handful of tricks and routines too. There is bound to be something that you'll use within these pages.

Order today, and you will also get these ebooks for free: Killer One Liners - This is a compilation of Graham Hey's first three e-books: At That Funny Stage, All You Eat Comedy Buffet, and Comedy for Swingers! It's full of great one-liners and tons of visual gags for close-up and stage! perfect for adding little bits to your act, fillers for in-between effects and some great opening gags and visual comedy to get the audience laughing.

The Comedy Cockpit - A collection of visual gags, one liners and ideas for anyone who would like to add a bit of comedy to their stage act or close-up performances! These are easy-to-do bits and pieces that will get you laughs! You don't need to be a pro! The Comedy Cockpit! is 28 pages and contains a load of great material and a couple of revisited classics!

Inside the Cage - Graham Hey knows what tickles kids’ funny bones. And you will too when you get his 24-page e-book, Inside the Cage. His combination of quirky and oh-so-silly routines and bits o’ business can be instantly injected into your kids show to make them roar with laughter.How much funny can be packed into a 24 page e-book? Actually, quite a lot! And it’s easy to imagine mixing your magic with his approach to what makes kids laugh.


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"The Comedy Cosmonaut" is great, and there are some good self-working tricks in there you can use, along with several genuinely funny jokes you'll add to your act. The other e-books aren't as good though, with a few jokes repeating throughout. Many jokes are regional-specific, and you may have to do some research to figure out who some of the people are he mentions and how you can make it relevant for your audience. All in all, "Cosmonaut" itself is worth the money, even if you don't enjoy the bonus books.

The Comedy Cosmonaut (Special Offer) by Graham Hey