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Element 80 Trick
Element 80
Trick by Precept Magic - $60.00

Element 80 gives you the ability to manipulate metal instantly. You can mangle a fork (No special Forks Required), twist & Bend keys (We have added a few Keys to practice with), or bend a quarter with spectators watching closely as you perform this amazing feat of strength! If that isn't...

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P&L Chinese Sticks Trick
P&L Chinese Sticks
Trick by Zanadu - $149.95

The Chinese Sticks is one of those classic routines that was performed by many of the greats, and it survives and still amazes because the effect is so whimsical.  These professional Chinese Sticks are constructed from 15" heavy brass featuring beautiful red tassels and beads. For...

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You and Me and the Devil Makes Three (Volumes 1 and 2) Book or download
Vanishing Inc. exclusive You and Me and the Devil Makes Three (Volumes 1 and 2)
Book or download by John Wilson - $40.00 each

You, Me and the Devil Makes Three is a two volume collection of John Wilson’s finest material. All of the effects are designed to be memorable, utterly amazing and completely engaging. John’s mantra when it comes to magic is clear. He aims to enlighten and liberate his audience as much as he...

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