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Enlighten DVD
DVD by Ravi Mayar - $25.00

Enlighten showcases a stunning effect from the uniquely talented mind of Ravi Mayar (who has also created 'Real Counterfeit Money' and other celebrated tricks). A spectator selects a card. The performer tears off the card's corner, then withdraws a lighter and instructs the spectator...

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The Magic Square DVD
The Magic Square
DVD by Luis de Matos - $35.00

A professional Magic Square routine from the repertoire of Luis de Matos. Members of the audience call out numbers at random. Unbelievably, from these the performer is able to construct a perfect magic square. All the columns, rows, diagonals and corners add up to the same number. Not only that but...

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Essential Magic Conference 2010 DVD
Essential Magic Conference 2010
DVD by Various - $150.00

EMC2010 was a remarkable event and this is an incredible set of DVDs packed with great material! The world's first internet conference for magic and magicians is now available i this monster DVD set. Every moment was captured on high-quality video and audio and is now available in a...

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