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Erdnase 1902 Bee Playing Cards Deck of cards
Erdnase 1902 Bee Playing Cards
Deck of cards by William Kalush - $5.99

This is an exceptional deck. This white and blue deck is a unique hybrid design that can be used for gambling routines and sleights, as well as effects that require or benefit from white borders. These commemorative decks, designed by Guy Hollingworth (with additional face artwork by Dan White),...

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Erdnaseum Cards Deck of cards
Erdnaseum Cards
Deck of cards by Conjuring Arts Dan and Dave Buck - $5.99

Take a step back in time, when Erdnase was alive. The BeeĀ® Squeezers box is an exact reproduction of an early 1900's classic. The BeeĀ® Worm back playing cards inside have been imprinted with an original Scott Kim ambigram that says, "S.W. Erdnase" or "W.E. Sanders" when turned end-for-end....

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The Erdnase Journal Book
The Erdnase Journal
Book by John Bodine - $19.95

Since The Expert at the Card Table was published in 1902, there have been over 50 editions. It has been translated into various languages and transcribed by the brightest minds. It is the greatest book on card technique ever written and likewise, the most studied. Its contents are just as relative...

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