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Exploding Light Bulb Trick
Exploding Light Bulb
Trick by Yigal Mesika - $40.00

The effect will happen in moments. The mystery will last forever. As seen performed on Criss Angel's TV show.EffectA clear light bulb is removed from a lamp (for example a table light), which has been turned on and off, and can be shown to spectators to be a regular bulb. The performer holds the...

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Magic Light Bulb Trick
Magic Light Bulb
Trick - $8.95

Show a full size, glass light bulb. Screw it into your fist and it lights up! You can make this bulb light anytime, anywhere without the aid of electrical wires. Others try and fail! 

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Impossi-bulb Trick
Trick by G Sparks Magic - $34.99

"An impossible penetration right before your very eyes." A BALL PENETRATES THE BULB THEIR DOLLAR PENETRATES THE BULB THE CHOSEN CARD PENETRATES THE BULB Enjoy the magic by G Sparks The clear glass appliance bulb does the impossible. Includes velvet carry bag, 2 red sponge balls and a pair of...

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