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1.5" 4 Super Soft Sponge Balls (Blue)
Accessory by Magic by Gosh - $3.83

All sizes of Super Soft Sponge Balls are available in the following colors: Red, Black, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Green, Pink and Purple 1-inch, 1.5-inch and 2-inch balls come in boxed sets of four balls with instructions. 2.5-inch and 3-inch come in poly-bagged sets of four balls (NOTE: 2.5-inch...

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Change Bag Standard (Repeat) Accessory
Change Bag Standard (Repeat)
Accessory by Bazar De Magia - From $29.00

Use the Change Bag Repeat with any object that fits into the bag. Producing!  Vanishing!  Changing!  One hand activated!  New design!  Plastic handle, no more scratched wood! Greatest utility ever! Put an item inside the bag,...

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Senor Mardo Egg-Bag Trick
Senor Mardo Egg-Bag
Trick by Martin Lewis - $39.95

Rather than us doing the explaining here, we thought we'd leave it to the creator himself, Martin Lewis. "Nowadays it seems that the egg bag of choice is the Malini Style. I offer my variation of the Senor Mardo bag in my lecture as an alternative. My reasons for preferring this style...

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