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Fire Can Trick
Fire Can
Trick by The Essel Magic - $35.00

After setting a metal can on fire, you put the lid on to extinguish the fire. Miraculously, what was on fire a moment ago is now full of silks and liquid! A baffling and startling production.

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Tora Special Fire Box Trick
Tora Special Fire Box
Trick by Tora Magic - $195.00

This Product was produced and designed by Tora Magic Company.This product allows you the magician to place your arm in and through The Tora Special Box and set it on fire, but that's not all....Once you put the flames out, you can produce a living dove from the same box which was just on fire!Your...

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Playing with Fire Book
Playing with Fire
Book by Kazan - $25.00

Nothing captures audience attention quite like fire, and Playing with Fire will teach you everything you need to know about...well, playing with fire! Not only will you learn routines from Kazan, everything from eating fire to candle work, but you'll get the low-down on handling fire and even...

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