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Greater Magic Volume 16 - Larry Becker DVD
Greater Magic Volume 16 - Larry Becker
DVD by Larry Becker - $29.95

"If this disc can help prove that mentalism can be fast and entertaining, as well as baffling. I'll consider the effor well worth it."- Larry BeckerImagine colorful mentalism that moves at a steady pace-and you've met the style of Larry Becker. Forget about detailed sleights...Larry concentrates on...

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Finish Line Trick
Finish Line
Trick by Becker & Earle - $34.97 NOW $15.75 (SAVE $19.22)

Spin up this audio CD, pump up the volume, and never touch the CD player again until the race is over! The professional announcer begins calling the action as BMW, Maseratti, and Lotus racers scream around the track. Two participants freely collaborate to select a car & driver from among the...

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Mental Hit trick Erez Moshe Trick
Mental Hit trick Erez Moshe
Trick by em-magic - Erez Moshe - $14.95 NOW $6.75 (SAVE $8.20)

The magician presents a CD insert which contains different pictures and song titles from pop artists. A volunteer is invited on stage and asked to choose one of the pop performers, and to think of one of the artist's hits. The magician then instructs the volunteer to remove a CD from a prediction...

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