Flash Paper (twenty 2"x3" sheets)

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Flash Paper (twenty 2"x3" sheets) - magic

These flash paper pads are the easiest way of introducing a flash to your show and are our best selling pieces of flash paper. The sheets measure 2" by 3" and contain 20 sheets.


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  • TOMER asks: is it safe to ship?

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: Yes, it is shipped wet, for safety and legal reasons. You then have to dry it out at home.
  • Peter asks: What’s the beat way to dry it out?

    • 1. Barry answers: I find the best way is to get the individual sheets and lay them out on a flat surface overnight. By the morning they should be dry.
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  • Horace asks: Can flash paper be supplied in black ( to use for “ scorched “

    • 1. Vanishing Inc. Magic responds: https://www.vanishingincmagic.com/flash-paper/flash-paper-black-25-20-five-pack/
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Customer reviews for Flash Paper (twenty 2"x3" sheets)



I purchased several of these and they got here very quickly. One thing i've found out is flash paper is now sold wet, but if you let them dry out for a day you're good to go.

I'll be shopping at vanishing Inc for all my flash paper needs.



It is exactly what it appears to be. It does come wet, but five minutes of drying out makes them easy to use. Great price



Love me some flash paper and VI sell it at a price I like.
As other reviewers have said, it does - for safety reasons - ship wet. So just dry it out and you're good to go. DO NOT TRY AND USE IT WET!



Great flash paper, the best one I've ever used. It burns a little longer, but you can squeeze it few times and it will burn faster. It's cheap and great quality, highly recommend it to you. If you ever needed some flash paper I think you should buy this one.



Want to jazz up absolutely anything? Add fire. It gets the job done every time. I know everyone is an adult here but keep in mind that these burn hot and fast. From experience, keep them away from peoples faces make sure you don't hold onto them for too long when lit. Otherwise have at it!



Absolutely perfect! These small sheets are the perfect size (and easily shaped or crumpled to size) for that extra ZING in your next routine. Pair this with one of the many igniters and it is THE most convenient and controllable methods to produce precise fire. It lights easily, reliably and leaves no ash or residue.

The price was great, the service fantastic and shipping was fast! You should get one today. Or two. Or three, or..........

Flash Paper (twenty 2"x3" sheets) by Unknown