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Flesh Tone Invisible Thread Accessory
Flesh Tone Invisible Thread
Accessory by Sorcery Manufacturing - $6.00

This very fine flesh toned invisible thread is perfect for the professional thread magician. This thread is twice as strong as traditional thread, and it is much better for fluorescent lighting. This thread is perfect for close-up or strolling magic and is incredibly fun to perform with!! Now...

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Invisible Elastic (1000ft) Accessory
Invisible Elastic (1000ft)
Accessory by Supreme Magic World - $15.00

For any user of thread, this is the strongest and the thinnest 'Invisible Elastic Thread' available on the market at the moment - and comes in at a whopping 1000 foot spool from Supreme Magic World (that's over 300m). To prevent frustration, the thread is wound on a spool by a custom...

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Flesh Colored Putty Accessory
Flesh Colored Putty
Accessory by Dexter - $6.25

As seen on Michael Ammar's "Easy to Master Thread Miracles" videos, this is great Flesh Colored Putty used to secure the ends of thread.Note: Color of putty is a light gray instead of pink - See alternate picture.The plastic box size is 1.5" in diameter and .75" tall.

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