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A Question of Memory Book
A Question of Memory
Book by David Berglas - $29.95

In 1988, David Berglas wrote a book explaining his memory techniques. The book has been out of print for many years, but recently we found a small batch of them! They will never be printed, so for a short time only, this is your opportunity to get your hands on David's famous memory system. ...

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Flick Drift Project DVD
Flick Drift Project
DVD by Wayne Fox - $35.00

"This is the kind of magic i love to watch and perform/ Learning this technique on Wayne's excellent DVD makes it possible for you to be doing this in no time"- Nick Einhorn The razor sharp card technique that simply looks like real magicInstant back in box: An in the hands shuffled deck instantly...

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In Touch Magic download (video)
In Touch
Magic download (video) by Arnel Renegado - $6.95

A unique haunted bill effect. Borrow a bill and you flick it. The magic happens when you flick the air, yet the spectator hears and feels that you are still flicking the bill that they are holding. Easy to doEasy to performBorroed billFully examinable

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