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Flip Shift Book
Flip Shift
Book by John Born - $22.50

Featuring Influenced and the Modern ACAAN In Meant To Be, we discovered the power and versatility of executing a shift while taking the cards out of the box. This particular project shares a completely different card case shift that is extremely practical, versatile, and deceptive. I...

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Selenium shift DVD
Selenium shift
DVD by Chris Severson - $25.00

The Selenium Shift is a move that allows you to control a selected card, put anywhere in the deck, to the top. This shift can also move multiple cards, at different depths in the deck, to the top in a blink of an eye. No breaks. No passes. No disturbing the deck order. It's silent, invisible...

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Bluff Shift Bundle Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive Bluff Shift Bundle
Magic download (video) by Joshua Jay - $10.00

Joshua Jay is a master of the elusive, seldom-used Bluff Shift, and in this HIGHLY ANTICIPATED RELEASE, he finally unveils the card controls everyone has been talking about. In this exclusive download, Joshua Jay teaches you SIX astounding, offbeat, and never-before-seen card controls using the...

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