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Card Stunts DVD
Card Stunts
DVD by Gregory Wilson - $29.95

Card Stunts is our favorite Gregory Wilson DVD. It starts with a performance of Greg live in the close-up gallery at the Magic Castle. You see him utterly ROCK THE JOINT, KILLING the audience with some of the most commercial, visual card magic you can do for a small audience. The stuff plays bigger...

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Four Card Surprise Trick
Four Card Surprise
Trick by Card-Shark - $19.50

You show four cards, actually the Ace to Four to make it easier to follow. Secretly turn over one card and let the spectator guess which one you turned face up. Whatever he answers, you can show in a very fair manner how each card - one by one - turns face up to match whatever he would have said. Finally all cards suddenly turn face up at the same time without any suspicious move!

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French Sandwich with Surprise Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive French Sandwich with Surprise
Magic download (video) by Billy Debu - $4.95

French Sandwich with Surprise by Billy Debu. You cause a selection to jump between two Jokers, and then change everything into the four Aces.

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