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Magical Knots Trick
Magical Knots
Trick by Joker Magic - Hungary - $23.00

The performer shows a rope to the spectators. He coils it up around his hand, sprinkles a little "magical salt" on it, which makes four knots appear on the rope. He unties the first knot, but to speed things up he coils the rope once more around his hand, then comes the magic knot again. All the...

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Mongolian Pop-Knot book Book
Mongolian Pop-Knot book
Book by Whit Haydn - $15.00

EffectWhit Haydn`s comedy cut and restored rope routine, The Mongolian Pop-Knot, was developed on the street corners of NewYork in the late 1960`s. Like his famous comedy routine with the linking rings, this routine of Whit`s has become a standard. The routine flows from section to section, with...

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Knot for Fast & Loose Chain Trick
Knot for Fast & Loose Chain
Trick by Tricks Of The Trade Inc. - From $15.00

A great bit for the end of any Fast and Loose routine-A knot is "accidentally" tied in the middle of the chain, but then visibly slides down and completely off! The knot falls to the table and the chain is still in an endless loop. Both the knot and the chain can be fully examined. Available...

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