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Libraries Rock - Free Sample Magic download (ebook)
Libraries Rock - Free Sample
Magic download (ebook) by Tom Hughes - Free

A free sample pdf of Tom Hughe's fantastic book for 2018: Libraries Rock! Be sure to check out his 2017 publication (which comes free when you buy Libraries Rock!), Build a Better Library Program.

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Fate or Free Will? Magic download (video)
Fate or Free Will?
Magic download (video) by Luigi Boscia - $6.00

Is there a difference between Fate and Free Will? Your spectators won't know after this effect! A spectator selects a card from a face-up blue deck. You show a red-backed deck only has 51 cards - the only one chosen missing was chosen by the spectator! As a kicker, the chosen card is...

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Free Magic download (video)
Magic download (video) by Stefanus Alexander - $6.99

Unboxing your cards has never been so quick and easy thanks to Free by Stefanus Alexander! You can now show a box of cards and then instantly remove the deck in the blink of an eye! Better yet, no gimmick is required and everything can be examined after the unboxing!  Get this easy-to-perform...

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