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Here’s a treat for you. Messrs. Morgan and West have a new book out, Parlour Tricks. The book teaches one of their complete evening shows in every detail and you can watch a video of the whole 90 minute show for free.

About Parlour Tricks

Parlour Tricks has been a real labour of love. 5 years in the making, and it’s the first time a book has been devoted not to the performance of stage magic, nor to the tricks you could do on stage, but instead a blueprint for a full evening show. Every trick is explained, of course, but on top of that each trick has a full script. An annotated script. Why do they say what they say when they say it? What is the thinking behind that pause, that glance, that blocking.

That’s right, this is your chance to learn from a real expert about the real way to learn both sleight of hand and card tricks you can do and it won’t cost you a penny.

Every detail, every trick, every script. But there’s more. Also included is a series of essays that complement the show itself. There’s work on scripting, set design, sound and lighting design. There’s the history of some of the routines - explaining the evolution of a piece after many years on the road in front of real, paying customers.

In short, it’s the book Morgan & West wished they’d been able to read before they started out. Seeing as they’re time travellers, you’d have thought they might have been able to make that work, but anyway…

The book is available to buy right now and you can get it here: Parlour Tricks by Morgan and West.

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