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Wordsmyth - Extra Sticker Accessory
Wordsmyth - Extra Sticker
Accessory by Francis Menotti - $5.00

Extra stickers for Wordsmyth by Francis Menotti. Available in the following options: English, French, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian and Polish

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Whack Your Pack Magic download (video)
Whack Your Pack
Magic download (video) by Paul Harris - $3.50

Don't let the laid back presentational ways of The Master of Astonishment, Paul Harris, fool you.  Whack Your Pack is a phenomenal routine with great dramatic tension built right in.  It is also a great framework on which to build so many different themes such as, gamblers, martial...

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Mouth Coil 50ft (12 pack) Trick
Mouth Coil 50ft (12 pack)
Trick by Premium Magic - $12.00

A slim version of the classic mouth coil which is so popular among magicians. This slim version is easier to hide in hand or in mouth. These are made up of tissue paper and therefore handle carefully to avoid wetting and tearing during performance. There are 12 coils in a pack and each...

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