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Limited Edition Grace & Gentle Playing Cards Deck of cards
Limited Edition Grace & Gentle Playing Cards
Deck of cards by Grace & Gentle - $12.00

Welcome to the first offering in a new line of playing cards, Grace & Gentle. Grace & Gentle Playing Cards has a simple and elegant style you will enjoy. The simple yet compelling "knife through diagonal" is featured on the back, and the faces feature a custom line style throughout. ...

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Thread (Adam Burton) Magic download (video)
Thread (Adam Burton)
Magic download (video) by Adam Burton - $9.95

Ever wanted to sew but find it difficult because of all the time wasted attaching a needle to the thread? There is a much simpler solution.  Impossibly pass the thread through the head of the needle. Watch the video to see this super close-up mystery.

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Absolute Zero Trick
Absolute Zero
Trick by SansMinds - $85.00

"Absolute Zero is THE ultimate device to make you look like you have superpowers! I love it!!! I'm adding this to my Superman act immediately." Morgan Strebler "I've always been a fan to Frozen and Sandminds just took it up a notch and make it practical in real world. This is as close to real...

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