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Gift of the Magi Trick
Gift of the Magi
Trick by David Acer - $25.00

You want to leave an impression of real magic in the minds of your audience?Effect:The magician has a card on the back of a colorful Christmas tree. The only problem is that there are no gifts under the tree. So the magician asks the spectator to write his initials on the star atop the Christmas...

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Mind Mysteries Guide Book Volume 5 Book
Mind Mysteries Guide Book Volume 5
Book by Richard Osterlind - $9.95

In an unprecedented event, Richard Osterlind has revisited his hugely successful Mind Mysteries video series and is writing definitive guide books that exponentially enrich the material presented in it. In this fifth guide book, Richard, after a two year hiatus, resumes his work on the analysis of...

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Gift Of Grab Trick
Gift Of Grab
Trick by A-1 MagicalMedia - $10.00

Three spectators each select a card. The selections are shuffled inot the deck and the deck is dropped into a "gift bag". A spectator shakes the bag to mix the cards. With a bare hand, the performer reaches into the bag and finds the three selections! The cards and the bag may be completely...

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