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Jumbo 7
Jumbo 7" Gold Half Dollar
Accessory - $100.00

Jumbo-sized Gold Half Dollar US replica Coin is heavy and professionally made. It is what a real coin would look and feel like if it was enlarged. This finely crafted replica is enormously larger than the original but just as beautiful. It makes a great addition to any coin act or collection....

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The Gold Standard Trick
The Gold Standard
Trick by David Regal - $75.00

What is The Gold Standard? It is an 18k gold-plated tie tack or lapel pin that does something special with great economy: a card is returned to the deck, and an instant later it is seen impaled on your tie tack. You can pull on the card, and spin it on the post. Best of all, when you remove the...

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Super Expanded Shell - Half Dollar - Head Gimmicked coin
Super Expanded Shell - Half Dollar - Head
Gimmicked coin by Tango Magic - $40.00

An expanded shell for an expanded shell! This half dollar super expanded shell is stretched specifically so that you can nest it over another expanded shell half dollar.

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