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Egg Bag - Greater Magic Teach In DVD
Egg Bag - Greater Magic Teach In
DVD by Various Artists - $29.95

The classic magical effect, The Egg Bag, has never been explained as well as on this DVD, from the Greater Magic Video Library. Four top professional routines are performed. Martin Lewis shows and explains the Senor Mardo Egg Bag, Tom Mullica entertains with the Comedy Egg Bag, Billy McComb...

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The Magic Pub DVD
The Magic Pub
DVD by Terry Lunceford - $25.00

Welcome to Terry's Magic Pub. Spend an evening with host Rich Bloch and enjoy performances by Steve Bargatze, Whit Haydn, J.C. Wagner, The Great Tomsoni & Company and, of course, Terry Lunceford. Running Time Approximately: 58min

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Stars Of Magic Volume 4 DVD
Stars Of Magic Volume 4
DVD by Derek Dingle - $19.95

The only video currently available from this master of close-up magic. Dingle's reputation as one of the world's best sleight-of-hand artists is unsurpassed. DEREK DINGLE (VOL 8)We'll Twist Elmsley Aces Universal Card Bertram Coin Assembly All Backs Cigarette Through Quarter"A magician's...

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