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The Grid DVD
The Grid
DVD by Richard Wiseman - $35.00

One of the hits of the 2012 EMC convention: a magic square routine by Richard Wiseman using a deck of cards. In effect, a spectator selects a card from a deck of numbered cards. The magician then deals out four hands of cards and asks the spectator to guess which hand adds up to the...

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Bicycle Grid 3.0 (Limited Edition) Trick
Bicycle Grid 3.0 (Limited Edition)
Trick by Gamblers Warehouse - $15.00

THE GRID made its debut in 2012 and has become a staple playing card deck from 4PM DESIGNS. Inspired by a digital world of vibrant light and circuitry, GRID 3.0 follows its predecessors by keeping elements that made THE GRID and GRID 2.0 so popular. Plug back into the grid with the next chapter...

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Essential Magic Conference 2010 DVD
Essential Magic Conference 2010
DVD by Various - $150.00

EMC2010 was a remarkable event and this is an incredible set of DVDs packed with great material! The world's first internet conference for magic and magicians is now available i this monster DVD set. Every moment was captured on high-quality video and audio and is now available in a...

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