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Revolution (Aaron Fisher) DVD
Revolution (Aaron Fisher)
DVD by Aaron Fisher - $29.95

The Revolution & Helter Skelter are two of the most strikingly visual card effects you will ever see. Even better, these effect are easy to use. In fact, you'll be performing the Revolution change in minutes! Aaron Fisher teaches card magic better than anyone working today - and...

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Hell's Hustle Trick
Hell's Hustle
Trick by Arlen Studio - $65.00 NOW $29.25 (SAVE $35.75)

Effect"Never try to beat the devil at his own game" is the theme of this bizarre three card Monte inspired effect. A small photo case of the type used to carry photos in the 1800's is produced by the mage. "How many of you believe in the Devil? What I have here is the only known photograph of old...

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Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Tom Mullica Volume 3, DVD DVD
Mullica Expert Impromptu Magic Made Easy Tom Mullica Volume 3, DVD
DVD by Tom Mullica - $29.95

Effects Included:- Piano Matches- Vanishing Comb- Mind Reading- Double Drawer Matches- Dropped Box Matches- Broken and Restored Band- Two-Match Transfer- Bill to Matches- Chink-a-Chink- The Bill Roll- The Burned Bill- The Hell Tear- The Crying Quarter- Collar Coin Vanish- Vanishing Penny- Stern...

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