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iLogo DVD
DVD by Craig Squires - $44.50

The moment you perform magic with a spectators object is the moment they believe you can truly bend reality! Nothing is stronger than visual magic with a borrowed object. Craig Squires has created an effect that is totally visual, totally weird and bang up to date! is the incredibly visual, yet...

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A Question of Memory Book
A Question of Memory
Book by David Berglas - $29.95

In 1988, David Berglas wrote a book explaining his memory techniques. The book has been out of print for many years, but recently we found a small batch of them! They will never be printed, so for a short time only, this is your opportunity to get your hands on David's famous memory system. ...

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A Triumph and a Talk Magic download (video)
Vanishing Inc. exclusive A Triumph and a Talk
Magic download (video) by Darwin Ortiz - $10.00

Darwin Ortiz is the author of two of the best selling magic theory books of all time: Strong Magic and Designing Miracles. But we wanted to bring those books to life. At The Session 2011 we had Michael Vincent ask Darwin some important and interesting questions about magic and the result is...

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