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Further Impuzzibilities Book
Further Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $16.00

Further Impuzzibilities is Steinmeyer's latest collection of novel self-working conjuring effects. It is a follow-up to his 2002 collection of self-working conjuring included in Impuzzibilities.

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Subsequent Impuzzibilities Book
Subsequent Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $15.95

The third book in the series is also the largest, with thirteen new effects. All are strangely self-working and interactive. "The Magician Who Fools Himself" is a hands-off Card Across routine that Jim has featured in lectures. "The Password Fallacy" is an amazing, long-distance location of a card...

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Ensuing Impuzzibilities Book
Ensuing Impuzzibilities
Book by Jim Steinmeyer - $19.00

Jim Steinmeyer is an author, consultant and producer, as well as an internationally respected designer of illusions and theatrical special effects. In this, his fourth book in his Impuzzibilities Series, we get more of a glimpse into the creative genius behind some of the world's greatest...

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