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The Erdnase Journal Book
The Erdnase Journal
Book by John Bodine - $19.95

Adding to the brand is a beautiful reproduction of the original 1902 publication. On the outside, it's a perfect facsimile, however, leaf through the pages and you'll discover an empty canvas for new ideas. This isn't just another edition, but as John Lovick writes, "a journal in which...

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Conjuring Curiosity Book
Conjuring Curiosity
Book by Dan and Dave Buck and Ian Flinn - $14.95

In this fascinating look into the history of conjuring, T. Ian Flinn researched hundreds of primary articles and conducted interviews with leading magicians who have a keen eye for the theory and history of the art. In addition to historical research, a psychological experiment was...

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BLADES Silver 2nd Edition Deck Deck of cards
BLADES Silver 2nd Edition Deck
Deck of cards by LLC Handlordz - $12.00

We sold out of the first run of "Silver Edition" Blades in just over 2 weeks. Because of the huge demand, De'vo decided to make this second and final run. This second run has double black ink and special measures to help protect the edges of the deck better than the first run. There is a new...

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