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Infallible  DVD
DVD by Mark Elsdon - $49.75

Mark Elsdon has created one of the finest card and number prediction effects we have ever seen! Not only is Infallible a real world worker and self-working, it's also instantly repeatable! Mark has added the idea of a fantastic video revelation that you text to you spectator and its...

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Magic Magazine - September 2014 Magazine
Magic Magazine - September 2014
Magazine by MAGIC Magazine - $6.50 NOW $3.00 (SAVE $3.50)

Blake Vogt: Coming to Light  By Jamie D. Grant People scoffed when Blake Vogt said he wanted to design illusions for Las Vegas magicians. Yet, a few years later, he was doing just that, and he has now consulted for many of the biggest names in magic, in addition to keeping up his...

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Duffie/Robertson Trilogy Magic download (ebook)
Duffie/Robertson Trilogy
Magic download (ebook) by Peter Duffie and Robin Robertson - $49.95

If you like experimenting and playing with card tricks then this trilogy is a goldmine. It contains 465 pages of card magic and well over 200 effects. Duffie and Robertson work together, taking a sleight (often an original, or very little known sleight) and then create the best effects possible...

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