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iPhone for FUN V5 Accessory
iPhone for FUN V5
Accessory by Cesar Alonso - $25.00

The dummy iPhone 5 has exactly the same look and feel as the real iPhone 5. It is available in white and black. Put it next to a real iPhone and you cannot tell the difference other than the weight (it is very light)- a perfect iPhone 5 look-a-like allowing many great gags. All buttons respond like...

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ImPRESSion iPhone Trick
ImPRESSion iPhone
Trick by Viking Mfg - $55.00

A most recent and spectacular method where the performer can cause a blister to appear on any finger or fingers revealing a selected card, pip, or number! Brought to you by the ingenious mind of Chris Brent, and finely crafted by the craftsmen at Viking/Collectors' Workshop. ...

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iPhone 5 Silver (Metal) Accessory
iPhone 5 Silver (Metal)
Accessory by Shin Lim - $29.95

Metal Iphone made with the exact look, weight and feel of the iPhone5. This is the same model that comes with Shin Lim's iConic.

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