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Coin Dropper  Trick
Coin Dropper
Trick by Premium Magic - $9.95

A Coin Dropper is a secret accessory for the magician which supplies him with a handful of coins when required. The dropper dumps out about 12 coins at one time to the waiting hand of the magician. A must have for any coin routine! For use with Half Dollar size coins.

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Rocco's Glass Dropper Trick
Rocco's Glass Dropper
Trick by Rocco - $34.99

Vanishing Inc are pleased to be able to offer you Rocco's Glass Dropper, the highly popular glass dropper from the American magician, author and lecturer, Rocco Silano. For those who don't know, a glass dropper is a cleverly designed utility device that allows you to reach into your...

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Deck Dropper Accessory
Deck Dropper
Accessory by Trevor Duffy - $35.00

Instantly produce a deck of cards from the sleeve! Contents:1 Deck Dropper (Poker Size) Black 2 Safety Pin Attachments (1 Spare) 1 Mini DVD Fits neatly into your sleeve or anywhere in jacket. Instant re-set Easy to load Can be used in conjunction with a deck switch Durable polypropylene...

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