Product Specialist (Sacramento based)

Product Specialist

  • Location: Sacramento (USA)
  • Employment: Full time
  • Qualifications required: None
  • Past experience required: Preferred but not essential
  • Travel opportunities: Yes
  • Additional comments: Must have a good understanding of magic effects and methods and have a good understanding of basic manufacturing and materials.
  • Salary: Details provided upon successful application (includes benefits)

Working for a magic store is all about the products. Nothing excites our warehouse team more than receiving a shipment of brand new items. There is no greater thrill than seeing a concept become reality–especially when the reality we deal in is...well… the impossible!

Product Specialists have a wide spanning role. Your primary responsibility is to ensure the quality of our items. You will develop a deep understanding of our product line so that you can:

  • Assist customers who have specific product-related questions.
  • Identify defects before items go on sale.
  • Monitor the quality of stock from third-party vendors.
  • Provide assistance to our warehouse team with day-to-day problems and challenges.

You will also be involved in the product development process as well as helping with supply-chain solutions. Applicants for this role must have excellent organisational and communication skills and should be prepared to be adaptable. As part of our USA Warehouse Team, you can expect to be involved in every aspect of day-to-day warehouse operations. From inspecting new shipments, to processing customer orders or returns. You'll work alongside a small, dedicated team and report to the Warehouse Manager on a day to day basis. Throughout your time with us, you'll also have regular contacts with other team members from around the world.

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