Web Developer (Remote based)

Web Developer Job

We might be a magic shop, but at our heart we're also a technology company. We work with agile principles in mind, and pride ourselves on quality code commits. We're always working on new projects and improving our existing website, and internal systems.

We're looking for a full-stack developer with a focus on C# / ASP.NET. Most of our systems are written in C# and so you'll spend much of your day working on the backend of the site. But it's not just the website: you'll be helping on our automated warehouse systems and more. Magic knowledge is not essential.

Front end knowledge is also essential, but design skills are not. Our front-end is entirely Bootstrap and so experience with that is appreciated. We have in-house designers, but we prefer someone who can do the occasional bit of UI without too much concern.

And finally, as everything is AWS based, a familiarity with the basics (EC2, S3, RDS, Route 53 etc.) would be ideal. Worst case, we can train you on that.

We're looking for someone to work remotely. You'll be working alongside our cofounder on a daily basis, and we must warn you ahead of time ... he hates sloppy code. :)

We're ready to bring the right person on immediately. This is a full-time role — we are not looking for contractors.

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