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Think Pink Magic download (ebook)
Think Pink
Magic download (ebook) by Ran Pink - $25.00

Ditch those bulky gimmicks and read minds with just a pen and paper! Think Pink has been a boon to mentalists all over the world for years, providing information gathering techniques without funny moves. Long unavailable, it's back again and now you can download it as an ebook! If you've always...

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Thinking The Impossible Book
Thinking The Impossible
Book by Ramon Rioboo - $40.00

If you fear being fooled, avoid meeting Ramón Riobóo! Ramón Riobóo holds a doctorate in deception. He is the 1992 recipient of the Ascanio Award and winner of the 1993 First Prize in Card Magic from the XIX National Magic Congress in Barcelona. He will yank the mental carpet from under you without...

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A Card Merely Thought Of Book
A Card Merely Thought Of
Book by Thomas Baxter - $50.00

Several years ago, Mentalist Thomas Baxter offered an ebook version of his notes on the think-of-a-card theme for sale on a very limited basis, for a very short period of time. After that, the notes were withdrawn from sale. In the ensuing years these notes have become much sought-after by...

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