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Folding Key Trick
Folding Key
Trick by - $39.95

There is a fantastic effect in Barrie Richardson's Curtain Call that makes use of a folding key. A number of customers have asked us to sorce the key for them and finally, after months of searching, we have found a great folding key! The basic use of this effect is to push a key into...

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Magic Bottle Magic download (video)
Magic Bottle
Magic download (video) by Ninh Ninh - $12.00

Approach a spectator while holding a bottle of water, ask to borrow any small object and visually melt their object through the walls of your water bottle. The possibilities are endless! Borrow coins, keys, playing cards, even a GOLDFISH! There are so many possibilities, you will be coming up with...

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ArcKey Straightening Key DVD & props
ArcKey Straightening Key
DVD & props by Taiwan Ben - $89.00

ArcKey Straightening by Taiwan Ben is a great looking and modern straightening key effect. What's more, it's 100% self-working and the entire effect can be performed in the spectator's hand. Impossibly, a bent key restores itself to its original condition! This is the perfect follow up to ArcKey...

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